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How to Register as a Bidder

*If you previously registered for our Wine & Music Online Auction, please use the same login credentials you created.*

When to Register

We encourage you to register now so that you will be ready to bid once the auction goes live. 

  • The Online Auction will open Tuesday, August 11th, 2020 at 10am PST and close times will vary depending on the item. Please see item description for more details.

  • The Virtual Show will be Saturday, August 15th, 2020 from 6-8pm PST and live auction bidding will begin at 7pm. 


Becoming a Bidder

  1. Go to the online bidding site https://aoww.ggo.bid

  2. In the top left hand corner of the page, click the "Start Bidding" button.

  3. Click the green "Create Account" button on the right side of the page.

  4. Confirm your email address by entering it into both fields, check the box for "I'm not a robot", and click the green "Confirm" button.

  5. A confirmation email will be sent to you.      
    1. Check your inbox for an email from "Greater Giving Login" and click the link to finish registration.
    2. If you don't receive an email check your spam or click the "Resend Email" button on the "Verify Email" page.

  6. Enter all your contact information, along with your credit card.      
    • IMPORTANT:Enter your cell phone number to receive text message alerts when the auction opens and updates about your favorite auction items.

  7. Click the large green gavel button on the right that reads "Start Bidding" underneath it.

  8. You're all set and ready to Bid! Scroll down to see all auction items.

Navigating the Bidding Page

  1. Once logged in, scroll down to browse all auction items.

  2. Click the ≡ button in the top left corner of the page to open the menu for Bids, Favorites, and Categories. 
    • Favorites - Use the star  to save auction items for later viewing.
    • Bids - See auction items that you have bid on already.
    • Act Now - Sort auction items quickly by No Bids, Currently Open, and more.

  3. At the bottom of the page you can also find a "Learn to Bid" icon. This can be helpful once you are registered.

Questions? Please contact:

Brooke Johnson: (206) 660- 0505, bjohnson@aoww.org

Taylor Rogers: (206) 480-1160, trogers@aoww.org